who is Threddy and where did he come from

I’ve been working at Microsoft as a software engineer for 13 years. I really enjoy it - I work on projects with a large scope of impact, alongside great people, using interesting technologies. And it provides constant opportunities for career growth. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved problem solving, and software engineering allows me to do that.

I haven’t always enjoyed my job though. A career is a marathon - some years are great, others are just good, and a few may even be bad. And in 2016 I was having one of the “bad” years. I was struggling to find inspiration in my day-to-day tasks, and I wasn’t having fun anymore. I had fallen into a career slump.

In order to get out of this rut I tried a few new things. One of the things I tried was joining Twitter and networking with folks in the industry. Right away I met a bunch of great people. They were funny and supportive and completely awesome. I hadn’t solved my career problems yet but I was having a blast.

Around that same time I visited a ceramic paint studio with my family and painted a dinosaur. As a joke I posted a photo of the dinosaur on Twitter and said he could be a mascot for the group.

That first dinosaur was named Threddy. 😊

I expected the joke to last for 5 minutes but here I am 4 years later still being a dinosaur on the internet.

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