January 28, 2019

image description:

[PANEL 1 - Threddy and Freddy chatting in the conference room located in the trash can. The photo background is a Microsoft conference room.]

Threddy: Your resume mentions a side project named “Blepster”. Can you describe that.

Freddy: Blepster is a social network where users send bleps to each other.


Threddy: What’s a blep?

[PANEL 3 - closeup of Freddy, sticking out his tongue to blep.]

[PANEL 4 - zoom out to both characters.]

Threddy: Can you stop doing that.


Threddy: What technologies did you use to build the social network.

Freddy: I take thselfies with my thfone and texth them to theople.


Threddy: So you built nothing.

Freddy: Minimum Thiable Poduct.