April 11, 2019

image description:

[PANEL 1 - Freddy and Threddy chatting outside at the Microsoft treehouses.]

Freddy: I’m taking a management training class. This morning’s lesson was “The art of non-answering”

Threddy: What’s that.


Freddy: Trust the process, Threddy.

Threddy: What.


Freddy: Let’s take a data-driven approach.

Threddy: I have no idea what you are talking about.

[PANEL 4 - closeup on Freddy.]

Freddy: Embrace a growth mindset. Build that muscle with laser focus. Examine your core priorities.

[PANEL 5 - closefup on Threddy.]

Threddy: The words you are saying have meaning individually. But the way you are using them in sentences does not make any sense to me.

[PANEL 6 - zoom out and see both characters.]

Freddy: I welcome dialogue on this.